Part 2: Understanding the Principles of Performance Evaluation

Activity 2.1 – Principles of Performance Evaluation


This unit begins with readings related to performance evaluation. Five short video clips follow which show these principles in action. Finally, you will be asked to reflect on these principles and think about the challenges to applying these in supervision.

Readings for Reflection: The Concepts

The Concept (pdf)
The Anxieties of Evaluation (pdf)
The Principles (pdf)
Sources of Information (pdf)

Video Clips

Video Clip 1: The evaluation takes place in private

Video Clip 2: The evaluation is a two-way process

Video Clip 3: The evaluation draws on facts and several information sources

Video Clip 4: The evaluation focuses on the behaviour, not the person

Video Clip 5: The evaluation centers on improvement and requires follow-up

Let’s Discuss: Additional Principles?

Comment on the principles reflected in the video clips. What obstacles could prevent you from applying these principles in evaluations?

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