Part 3: Supervision and Styles

Activity 3.1: Supervisory Activities and Learning Styles


Activity 3.1 starts with some audio clips of different supervision styles which is then followed by video clips of an interaction between a supervisor and a student. There are readings that look at varying your style and some online teaching style surveys. We wrap up with a discussion. Enjoy!

Audio Clips – Examples of Supervisor Styles

The open door approach



Restricted Access






The “laid back” approach


Video Clips

Video Clip: Supervisory Activities and Learning Styles: Part I

Video Clip: Supervisory Activities and Learning Styles: Part II

Readings for Reflection: Vary your Style!

You can vary your style by learning to use a different one. This will improve your ability to deal with a variety of situations.

As a placement supervisor, you will be better able to accommodate your students’ different learning styles.

You will also be better equipped to help your students develop and experiment with other learning styles, explaining to them the benefits of varying their style and showing them how to do it.

The “Why Not Try Another Style” slide presentation suggests a number of helpful activities.

Why not try another style?

Online resources

Teaching Style Survey (Grasha-Riechmann)

Let’s discuss!

Here’s something interesting to think and post about. Is your learning style your lifestyle?

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