Part 3: Pedagogical and Evaluation Tools

Useful Tools

This activity begins with a wide range of tools that you can save, print and use. These may be useful to you when supervising and completing the evaluations required for your students’ programs. Have a look and let us know if you have used any before and which of those you have found to be most useful.

Feel free to try any of the tools and give us and your colleagues some feedback. There are also some readings that focus on providing formative feedback and evaluating your students. This activity ends with a video clip and a discussion where you can share your thoughts about the tools provided and the video clip.

Inventory of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (pdf)
Development of Learning Objectives (pdf)
Learning Objective Worksheet (pdf)
Developing the Learning Contract (pdf)
Case Study (pdf)
Journal Keeping – Interactive Journal (pdf)
Journal Keeping Guidelines (pdf)
Goal and Objectives (pdf)
Clinical Reporting Worksheet (pdf)
Supervisor’s Observation Worksheet (pdf)
Role Playing (pdf)
Smart Goals (pdf)
Learning Objectives Taxonomy (pdf)