Preparatory Activities

Preparatory activities begins with a video clip of two supervisors looking forward to the arrival of their students. You will then share the preparatory measures you take prior to the arrival of your student(s).

Watch the video clip below:

What would you suggest?

What preparatory measures should you take prior to the arrival of your student(s)?

14 comments on “Preparatory Activities

  1. manels33 on

    1. Review the criteria of the internship
    2. Prepare the documents
    3. Prepare the cases (clients) I want them to see
    4. Mark in the calendar all the important dates for them and for me
    5. Prepare weekly meetings

    • kseto on

      I also agree with the list above and the site tour – I would also add:
      – consult and coordinate with other departments/colleagues, perhaps from other healthcare disciplines as well, to determine if students can shadow them briefly to provide them with a glimpse of the different roles of the team members
      – Review the site policies/expectations: ex. dress code, expected work hours, etc.
      – establish where the students workspace will be located and ensure it will be available upon their arrival
      – verify and confirm the materials (Ex. telephone extension, computer) and/or scheduled trainings (ex. computer programs used at the site) required for the placement

  2. Suhantee on

    I agree with all the above comments and would discuss early in the placement:
    Student’s expectations
    Student’s objectives (learning contract)
    Student’s previous experience (case load, responsibility given)
    Discuss the role of O.T in community setting
    Discuss the role of Journal (clinical reflexion)

  3. jmonteferrante11 on

    Everyone had great contributions to this!

    I would also add: discussing the student’s preferred learning methods (visual, oral, etc.) as they might already know their preferred method.

  4. Claude VA on

    En plus des très bon commentaires ci-haut, j’ajouterai de m’assurer que je suis Ă  jour dans mes dossiers actuels afin de ne pas me sentir stressĂ©e lors de l’arrivĂ©e de l’Ă©tudiant par du travail que je sais en retard.

  5. annamariaciv on

    I agree with the previous comments. I will add: I would discuss with my team members about the upcoming arrival of the OT student and their role in group therapy.

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