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In these modules, we encourage you to share your experiences and ideas.

In the comment section below:

  • Introduce yourself

    Post something about yourself – your background and an interesting/fun fact about you.

  • Share a conversation with your students

    Discuss with your student what his/her expectations were of the first day of the placement. Were these expectations met? Did this conversation give you any new ideas for orienting students? Post your ideas.

  • Share some orientation materials

    We would like to develop a bank of materials used in different settings to prepare students for their placement. Do you have any materials you would like to share? For example, PowerPoint presentations, booklets, etc.

14 comments on “Start the Conversation

  1. manels33 on

    I am an Occupational therapist who studied at Université de Montréal. I have been working at Ste Anne’s Hospital for about a year now.

    It will be my first experience as a future supervisor.

    Fun fact about me: I speak 4 languages!

  2. kseto on

    I am an Occupational Therapist who graduated from McGill University and I have been working at the CLSC Benny Farm for a little over a year and a half. It will also be my first experience as a clinical supervisor in the upcoming year.

  3. Suhantee on

    Hey everyone! I’m Sue and currently working at CLSC Cavendish with the Rehab team. I was working over a year in the Northern Ontario region at Timmins District Hospital as an Occupational therapist. Fun Fact: Ontario’s OT/PT can prescribe wheelchair/gait aid with the ADP license (Assistive Devices Program) which covers 75% of the cost.

  4. stephanierishikof on

    Hello! My name is Stephanie. I graduated from McGill and have been working in pediatrics for three years. I will be working at a summer camp this upcoming summer and will have a few students from McGill.

  5. Lisa.Arcobelli on

    I am a PT working at the MAB-Mackay Rehab Center, though I have 12 years of experience with adult populations in acute care, rehab, out-patient and home care. I’ve supervised students in the past though not recently.

    Fun fact: I lived and worked in Chisasibi (James Bay) for 2 years.

  6. Claude VA on

    Je travaille comme ergothérapeute au Centre de soins prolongés Grace Dart depuis 21/2 ans et je suis enthousiaste à l’idée de prendre une première stagiaire. J’aime être en relation avec les autres et l’enseignement est quelque chose que j’aimerais éventuellement faire.
    Fait intéressant à mon sujet: j’ai fait mes études en ergo en tant qu’adulte et chef de famille. J’étais donc la plus âgée de ma cohorte.

  7. Jenn1 on

    I am a PT working at the Richardson rehab hospital for now 1 1/2 year but have worked couple years in private clinic before. It will be my first experience as a supervisor.

  8. elise.m13 on

    Bonjour, je suis une ergothérapeute qui a gradué de l’Université de Montréal en 2014. Ce sera ma première expérience en tant que superviseure de stage et j’en suis très enthousiaste!
    «Fun fact» sur moi: J’ai habité sur trois continents

  9. m.bartczak on

    Hello, I am an OT who graduated from McGill and I’ve been working at Ste-Anne’s Hospital for close to two years now. I work with younger veterans and military as well as RCMP officers who have developed mental health challenges secondary to their service. Fun Fact: The Clinic I work for is a one of a kind program that receives clients from across the country and throughout the entire OSI Network we are a total of 5 OTs (that I know of to date!).

  10. melmango18279 on

    Hi, I am an OT who graduated from McGill 2 years ago. I currently work in the Technical Aids department at CRCL. This will be my first time taking a student and I’m super excited!
    Fun fact about me: I have completed 4 half marathons!

  11. annamariaciv on

    Hello! I am an OT who graduated from McGill University approximately 3 years ago. I work at the Layton-Lethbridge-Mackay Rehabilitation Center at the Mackay Center School site.

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