Part 4: Trends and Issues in Transition and Wellness in the Workplace


In part 4 we will address two main themes: trends and issues in transition and wellness in the workplace. We will start with articles on transition, including mentoring. You will also complete a survey on stress and we will conclude with a discussion on effective wellness strategies.

Online Resources

From student to therapist (external link)
Still fumbling along? (external link)

Resources – Wellness in the Workplace

Making the Transition (pdf)
Mentoring in Action (image)
From Student to Professional: Making the Transition (external link)
Mentoring in Advanced Practice Nursing: The Use of Metaphor in Concept Exploration (external link)
Self-Evaluation (external link)

The Managing Stress Toolbox

Reducing Stress at Work (external link)

Work stress management

Let’s discuss!

What have you found to be effective wellness strategies in your workplace? Share wellness strategies that have worked for you.

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