Part 3: Reflective Practice


In part three we will be exploring reflective practice. We will begin with a youtube clip followed by a number of relevant articles. We have included material on journal writing as well as a reflective grid introduced by a PowerPoint presentation. There is a personal reflection assignment. We end with a discussion on reflective journaling.

YouTube Video

Readings for Reflection

Promoting Reflection (pdf)
Reflective Supervision Article (pdf)
What We Bring To Practice (pdf)
Reflective Analysis (pdf)
Journal Writing (pdf)
Daily Journal Grid (pdf)

Personal Reflection Assignment

This is a personal assignment and does not have to be shared or posted. Use the reflective grid and practice completing the columns on the clips below or a film of your choice. Under column 1 “What I’ve done”, this could be a description of an event in the clip that moved you.

YouTube Videos

Tuesdays with Morrie

The Last Lecture

Let’s Discuss: Reflective Practice

What have your experiences been with reflective journaling? Did the personal reflection assignment enhance your understanding of reflection as a teaching and learning tool?

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